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Magnatone Panoramic Stereo – 2×10 $ 2699

Magnatone Panoramic Stereo – 2×10 (new)

Magnatone Lyric 10 amp $1299

The Lyric is a personalized tone machine! 6L6 tubes in the Lyric provide 10 watts that is big bold and punchy. Jensen P10R rounds out the combo enclosure with the classic Alnico magnet tone. Volume and tone controls are extremely accurate. NFB switch provides settings of gain and harmonics by restructuring the power amp gain […]


We carry many new and ‘lightly’ used instruments. So called “low mileage” instruments, in near mint condition, are our specialty. Currently in house: Santa Cruz, Bourgeois, Eastman, Fender, Larrivee, Martin, Epiphone, Gibson, Gretsch, Guild, Giebitz, Huss & Dalton, Sobell, New World Classical Guitars, Cordoba Classical Guitars, Loar, Recording King, G&L, LsL, Breedlove. Amps from Magnatone, […]