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A little about what we do.


You could be sitting on a gold mine.  You already value your fine stringed instrument.  The question is: how much do other people value it?  We can answer that question for you.  Whether you’re doing a valuation for insurance purposes, thinking about selling, or just wanting to know whether it’d be a wise idea to […]

Setups & Restorations

Treat your investment with respect by keeping it well set up. How important is it to keep your guitar set up properly? Well, a good setup can make a cheap guitar play well. More importantly, a bad setup can make even a fantastic guitar play and sound well beneath its potential. Whether you are playing […]


We carry many new and ‘lightly’ used instruments. So called “low mileage” instruments, in near mint condition, are our specialty. Currently in house: Santa Cruz, Bourgeois, Eastman, Fender, Larrivee, Martin, Epiphone, Gibson, Gretsch, Guild, Giebitz, Huss & Dalton, Sobell, New World Classical Guitars, Cordoba Classical Guitars, Loar, Recording King, G&L, LsL, Breedlove. Amps from Magnatone, […]