Treat your investment with respect by keeping it well set up.

How important is it to keep your guitar set up properly? Well, a good setup can make a cheap guitar play well. More importantly, a bad setup can make even a fantastic guitar play and sound well beneath its potential. Whether you are playing a classic, a future classic or something you found at a yard sale, treat your instrument with respect and allow it to reach its full potential with a proper setup. GuitarVista has a talented roster of instrument repair experts that will have your instrument singing like the day it was built. Give us a call or stop in and find out what we can do for you!

Have a vintage instrument that you just know could play, sound and look beautiful with a little work? You could be sitting on a real treasure; one that we can restore to its former glory to provide you with decades of blissful music. At GuitarVista, we have done just that for countless other players and collectors. Our passion for stringed instruments is second to none, and we have the skills to match. Give us a call or stop on in and find out what we can do for you.